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A story of freshness



Hello. My name is Layla. 

I am a fashion designer and creator who moved to the beautiful Pacific Northwest in 2016. While living in the Northwest, I felt inspired and started creating handmade goods and wanted to share my vision, passion, and creativity with others. With the urging of my friends and family, I started an online shop (Aesthetic), and have been slowly expanding my product line to include hand-dyed products, Batik art, bracelets, and candles. Everything that I sell at the Aesthetic shop has been meticulously selected, crafted, and made while being responsible sourced to the highest degree.

Outside of building my brand and continuing to craft, I love the outdoors. You can regularly find me at local farmer’s markets, camping, snowboarding, and climbing.

I adore handcrafting and only creative products that I would love to buy for myself.

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